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A Revolution in Plating…A range of Instant Plug & Plate Systems which are cyanide free

Posted on: July 1, 2016

RKM Introduces….

New, complete kit for instant Gold, Silver, Rhodium Bright and Rhodium Dark plating.

Its Cyanide Free – and plates in seconds!

These one of a kind compact Plating Kits have been specifically designed to plate articles quickly. Unlike other kits currently on the market it is CYANIDE FREE and the Gold Plating Solution contains an impressive 14g of Gold per Litre for instant results. The simple design allows quick and effective plating.

There are only 3 steps :

1. Connect two Leads   
2. Dip the Pen  
3. Start Plating


  • Includes 15ml Instant Gold Solution (STRONG concentration 14g/ltr), Silver, Rhodium Dark or Rhodium Bright depending on which you would like
  • Compact, purpose built, pre-set voltage allows you to plate straight way
  • NO harmful chemicals and NO Cyanide
  • When finished simply wash the pen in water & dry
  • Instant results due to the high concentration of pure metal eg Gold
  • No laboratory style equipment
  • No need for lab coat or gloves!
  • Conductive metal plate to allow ease of plating on delicate and small items
  • 3 different sizes of fibre tip pen wands for fine detail work
  • Polishing cloth to clean the item before plating and also to buff after plating

    Instant Gold Plug and Plate Kit

    Instant Gold Plug and Plate Kit

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