About Us

Who we are

RKM (Nushine) Ltd is a privately owned company based in the UK. Over the last two decades our innovative products have sold worldwide to industry-leading brands and organizations. We supply a range of specific cleaning, rejuvenating and maintenance products to a variety of markets including the Auto care, Household, Precious metal and Medical industries.

We are excited about what we do and have developed some unique, eco-friendly products that are not known to be sold anywhere else in the world. See our diverse range of concepts which provide unique and exceptional solutions to your requirements Products Page.

Our Objectives

We are passionate about our objectives. In an industry where many cleaning products may affect your health, we will adhere to industrial safety standards in accordance to your global region. We are committed to formulating products which are

  • Biodegradable
  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water based

We take pride in being an innovative company that fully understands our customers, their needs and the market into which our products are sold. We identify new product opportunities and are quick to develop formulations and solutions specific to customer’s needs, whatever the country or industry. Most importantly, we focus on supplying the most cost effective products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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