• Motorcycle drywash

    Motorcycle Drywash

    Specifically formulated for motorcycles, this is a unique product for cleaning both bodywork and wheels without the need for water.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

    Can be used for cleaning jewellery and medical equipment.

  • Gold Plate

    Precious Metals Cleaning Plate

    Magically removes heavy dirt and tarnish from more than one item at once. Excellent on intricate items. Can be used on gold, silver, stainless steel, bronze, copper and brass. See demonstration:- How To Use Your Nushine Magic Plate

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    Precious Metal and Gems Reviver Gift Set

    Elegant box set which contains an excellent range of products for keeping precious metal possessions in beautiful condition. This would make a unique gift for anyone that treasures gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze and gems.

  • Paint and Wheel Dry Wash

    Paint and Wheel Dry Wash

    A unique product for cleaning both paint and alloy wheels without the need for water.

  • Super Wash and Wax

    Super Wash and Wax

    Highly concentrated wash and wax shampoo for vehicle exteriors.

  • Defroster and Fridge Cleaner

    Defroster and Fridge Cleaner

    Saves time, energy and sterilises in one.

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    Washing Machine and Dishwasher Descaler

    An excellent descaler which dissolves completely to remove limescale, residue and soap scum.

  • Jewellery Bag

    Jewellery Storage Bag

    Store your jewellery and maintain its shine – in one go. See video:- How To Keep Your Jewellery Safe And Clean

  • Jewellery Care Kit Box

    Jewellery Care Kit

    This comprehensive kit is the ultimate solution for jewellery cleaning. The box itself can act as the cleaning container.

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    Kettle Descaler

    An innovative, highly effective descaler which removes limescale,then dissolves completely to leave a red dye as a reminder to rinse the appliance.

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