Silver Maintenance

Sterling silver and Silver plated articles will tarnish when left exposed to the atmosphere. Our Silver maintenance range consists of a comprehensive set of solutions for transforming silverware. The range covers methods for preserving silver, light and heavy silver rejuvenation, through to plating pure silver on base metals. Of special interest is the unique Silver Plating Solution and Silver Maintenance Solution which use an internally developed, special electro-less formulation to instantaneously plate base metals with a layer of Pure Silver. This exciting and unique range of environmentally friendly products are water based, biodegradable and non-toxic.

  • Silver Sprat

    Silver Polish Spray

    Removes heavy tarnish effortlessly, spray on wipe off! See demonstration:- How To Clean Intricate Tarnished Silver in less than 30 seconds!

  • Silver Plating Solution

    Silver Plating Solution

    Magically transform articles and add value! Instantly plate a layer of pure silver onto brass, copper, bronze, nickel and heavily worn silver articles. See demonstration:- How to Plate Silver On Copper, Brass, Bronze Or Heavily Worn Silver

  • Silver Maintenance Solution

    Silver Maintenance Solution

    This solution contains pure silver and transforms articles where the silver plating has slightly worn away. See demonstration:- How To Clean Tarnished Or Worn Silver AND Re-plate with Pure Silver

  • Silver Polish

    Silver Polish

    Instantly restores brilliant silver shine on even heavily tarnished silverware. See video:- Silver Cleaning Solutions

  • Gold Plate

    Precious Metals Cleaning Plate

    Magically removes heavy dirt and tarnish from more than one item at once. Excellent on intricate items. Can be used on gold, silver, stainless steel, bronze, copper and brass. See demonstration:- How To Use Your Nushine Magic Plate

  • Silver gift set WHITE RKM

    Silver and Gem Reviver Gift Set

    Elegant box set which contains a range of products for keeping silverware and gems in sparkling condition. This would make a unique gift for anyone that treasures their silver or silver plated articles.

  • Image not Displayed

    Precious Metal and Gems Reviver Gift Set

    Elegant box set which contains an excellent range of products for keeping precious metal possessions in beautiful condition. This would make a unique gift for anyone that treasures gold, silver, brass, copper, bronze and gems.

  • Impregnated Cutlery Roll

    Impregnated Cutlery Roll

    These soft cotton cloths are impregnated with an anti tarnish agent that will protect your silver cutlery.

  • Impregnated Silver Cloth and Mitts

    Impregnated Silver Cloth and Mitts

    Cloths or Mitts are a simple, quick and convenient method for cleaning silver. See video:- How To Clean Large Areas of Silver

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